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Introducing our proprietary AppFueled™ 2-Way Portal

All types of CRM automation

It all started with a light bulb idea to create a powerful template that could automate comprehensive workflows to deliver turn-key and timely messages across all major channels

1 to 1 automation

Timely 1 to 1 messaging sent cross channel with messages delivered right to their smart phone

Mass automation

On demand mass blast communication on all devices by text message, email and notifications

Turn-key automation

Turn key loyalty program converting guests into members that spend more and come back time and time again

Our proprietary 2-way portal gives both your shop staff and your vehicle owner customers easy access to stay in touch by email and text on any device

With timely automated workflows your customers will be guided through the timeline of a customer journey by the ease of cross channel communication at every turn on all devices

Keep your shop top of mind on the device they love

How the latest in app-fueled technology powers all the same traditional CRM workflows but with the future in mind

Messages delivered right to their smart phone

It's no secret smartphones are addictive. What may shock you is just how entrenched the daily habits of smartphone use has evolved today's consumer expectations.

Convert guests into repeat members

Use the same strategies used by the Fortune 500 companies proven to skyrocket revenue and boost retention!

Entice customers to engage with your brand

Give your customers a journey of engagement where they can climb each rung of your customer engagement loyalty ladder

Automate your auto shop marketing just like a fortune 500 company, but without spending a fortune!

Straightforward CRM pricing plans, month-to-month and cancel anytime


per month


$99/m AppFueled™ 2-Way Portal 

$50/m LoyaltyLadder 

$25/m VehicleData 

$25/m DataSync 

$10/m RemotePay


per month


$99/m AppFueled™ 2-Way Portal 

$50/m LoyaltyLadder 

$25/m VehicleData 

$25/m DataSync 

$10/m RemotePay 

$25/m BlastPromote 


per month


$99/m AppFueled™ 2-Way Portal 

$50/m LoyaltyLadder 

$25/m VehicleData 

$25/m DataSync

$10/m RemotePay 

$25/m BlastPromote

$50/m* CUSTOM LOYALTY APP - in both iTunes® & Google Play® *$99 annual fee to enroll in Apple's developer program and a one-time $299 white glove service fee

What's packed in our CRM?

Look at our menu of features!

2-Way Portal





AppFueled™ 2-Way Portal

This includes in email, text and portal notifications, live chat, subscriber enrollment, appointment scheduling, click to call, birthday club, signp offer, coupon wizard and much more!


Texting with photo sharing

Internal messaging & tagging

Online vehicle owner portal

Live Chat

Staff notes and reminders

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AppFueled™ will waive the $599 setup fee for the first 50 shops to sign up for the CRM of the future ~ $0 due at sign up and month to month, cancel anytime!

    Protractor's 50 charter CRM members will have exclusive insight and direct feedback into the new enhancements engineered into the next version release of 'AppFueledCRM'

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Qualified Protractor users gets one complimentary interview with 'The Original Mobile App Ninja", the CEO and pioneering founder, Jeremy Glassco.

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Jeremy will walk through the features and pricing options so you can see what it takes to get your shop into the next generation of CRM technology.

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Quote by president of AMS - Protractor

Scott Thorley

President of AMS - Protractor

Protractor is the automotive repair industry’s premier enterprise-grade SaaS platform for shop management.

About Protractor CRM charter club

AppFueled™ and Protractor have agreed to come together to advance the industry forward with the latest in app-fueled CRM technology. All 50 charter CRM members will have input that will directly influence what we build into the next version release and how it plays nice with Protractor specific customer data points and reminders.