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If you're suffering from poor customer retention learn how the big brands stopped giving profits away and hook today's smartphone addicted customers by never breaking this #1 rule of customer engagement again.

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Jeremy's breakthrough loyalty ladder


 "Break this #1 rule of customer  engagement at your own peril!"

– Jeremy Glassco

 "Break this #1 rule of customer  engagement at your own peril!"

– Jeremy Glassco


Stop giving away value, and stop giving away heavily discounted or free services without enticing “customers” to take an equal or greater engaging step with your brand. Remember, don’t give away ANYTHING without asking for equal engagement in return. 

Written by Jeremy Glassco Founder, AppFueled™ 'The Original Mobile App Ninja'

What can I say about Jeremy?

What can I say about Jeremy, the pioneering founder of AppFueled™ and what he's done with his breakthrough customer engagement loyalty ladder he coined C.E.L.L? Honestly, give him just a couple of ideas and before you know it, he’ll turn it into a full-blown marketing system to skyrocket revenue for those that will listen. 

Of course, you’ll have to put up with his often pesky and annoying ways… for he is known not to let sleeping dogs lie…so buckle up if you get to talk to him. The truth is, once he sets his mind to it, he will do it!   Simply put, to keep pace with the fortune 500s, Jeremy's revolutionary customer engagement loyalty ladder (C.E.L.L.) was just the breakthrough the small guy in the auto industry needed.   You might even say what Jeremy's done for the small guy fighting against the big brands makes him as tenacious as an 80s action movie hero. Almost comparable to say Chuck Norris in his iconic 80s action flicks.   Perhaps that is when his title of “The Original Mobile App Ninja” stuck, but really who knows?

Eric Marquardt

Executive Business Developer Over $50 Million in Capital Investment Sales

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