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How To Video Library

Before you schedule a training or request support did you check out these helpful 'how to' videos?

How to turn ON BROWSER notifications
How to edit email & push alerts received by staff user
How to search customers by email, name & phone #
How to mark a customer's coupon as used
How to reply to a text & connect number to customer
How to add internal note with reminder to text chat
How to tag another staff user to your text chat
How to send a 'canned' text message reply
How to send an image (attachment) in text chat
How to close a text chat and then reopen it
How to view CLOSED chats or to SEARCH chats
How to 'connect' chat to customer and turn OFF texting
How to mark a customer as MOVED away
How to turn OFF texting for a customer
How to 'unsubscribe' a subscriber on their behalf
How to mark a vehicle as 'sold' or inactive
How to connect chat & turn OFF marketing for clients
How to turn OFF marketing permissions
How to assign referral gift codes to customers
How to send invoice payment request to customer
How to send a payment request to a guest
How a customer makes payment from website
How to reply with appt time confirmed as requested
How to reply to appt by suggesting an alternate time

Don't miss these too!

How to add a customer appt to app calendar 
How to send a 'manual' reply to a customer review
How to search a customer and find their coupons
How to adjust stars in the customer's reward balance
How to connect a subscriber to a customer record
How to update the info for a customer record on file
How to redeem and adjust a customer rebate balance

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