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How to upgrade to version 7.4

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Get the inside scoop on how to find $100,000 in lost revenue that's been there in hiding all along... 

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"But first... you should know this version is stuffed with the latest mobile app tech!"

***INCLUDING*** -Geo-location -Face/Touch ID for password -Remember me' login -Advanced payment integration -Enticing gamification -Engaging app workflows -Skeleton loading -Latest iOS design -In-app messaging -Advanced push notifications -Animated loading logo -Intro slide welcome tour -iCal/Google calendar integration

Cool, right? But, we totally get it. It's not the technology that will help you find an extra $100,000.

Nope, it's not the tech! It's the proven Fortune 500 style strategies and Jeremy's powerful 1-2 punch checkout strategy that will put some distance between you and your top local competition!

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top strategies

Simply put, version 7.4 is engineered with the top 3 strategies proven to hook today's smartphone addicted consumers to your brand ~ just like a Fortune 500!

#1 Setup your own member program

Entice loyalty just like Costco!

#2 Personalize your own rebate program

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#3 Customize your star rewards

Prompt engagement just like Starbucks!

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Version 7.4 contains ALL of the top 33 mobile app ninja tricks


Seriously, each version is packed with app ninja tricks!

Imagine if you just like a Fortune 500 could hook today's smartphone addicted customers to your shop's brand